just a fruit loop in a world of cheerios

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oh man the best is when a dude is like "you’re not wife material." fucking good. i want to be totalitarian dictator material; blood sucking life ruiner material; fucking bulletproof immortal drug lord material. not your fucking wife you gross asshole. 

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do you ever look down and realise. 

you have boob. like real, actual boob. as in breasts.  theyre just sorta.  like.      b o o b

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I’m not aspiring to be someone else – If I’m me for the rest of my life then so be it.
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things you can do in the uk at 16 years of age

  • get married (with parental permission)
  • start a family
  • join the army where they use guns and bombs and shit
  • move out

things you can’t do in the uk at 16 years of age

  • buy a pair of scissors

are you serious

Meanwhile in the US 8 year olds are allowed to shoot guns.

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