just a fruit loop in a world of cheerios

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i’m into some kinky shit sure… have you ever heard of “kissing”?

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You kept calling me and pretty
and although I liked the sound of it
I didn’t want to hear it come out of your mouth
I wanted you to tell me you like the way
I never shut up about the things I care about
Or how I dreamt of a future
that was big and bold and daring
I need you to say that you loved the way
I smiled trying to contain my laughter
at dumb jokes on dumb shows
That the way I refuse to sleep in the dark
isn’t dumb or childish but rather smart.
That when I draw, the world slips away from me
and I’m immersed in my painting
trying to make sure ever line comes out
just how I imagined.
I don’t want to just be pretty.
I want to be something more
Tell me I’m everything in the universe,
I want you to see me for who I am.
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let’s talk about harry i’ll start i love harry

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*aggressively doesn’t know*

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you wrote your name on my heart in permanent marker but only let me write on yours in pencil

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